Male Sex Toys from Japan Omanko Monaka Shirai Yukina

Published on January 19th, 2018 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Omanko Monaka: Shirai Yukina

Review of the Omanko Monaka: Shirai Yukina Rubber Rod

Summary: This compact toy packs a punch. It doesn't take up much space but it is pleasurable to use. It's definitely a good buy.


Good Buy

The Omanko Monakara series of male sex toys was first released by the now world famous NPG company a few years ago. Meant to look like neatly wrapped Japanese snacks, these compact onaholes modeled on Japanese AV actresses pack more punch than you might expect.

I reviewed the Omanko Monakara: Natsuhara Karen here on Onahole Reviews last month. The Omanko Monaka: Shirai Yukina shares the same design as that toy but it is probably a little better.

The Shirai Yukina has a more open hole than other Omanko Monakara I have seen. The clit hood is also a little higher up than I’ve seen on other toys. Perhaps this is because the toy is actually modeled on the lady it is named after. After all, women come in different shapes and sizes and that includes their mankos!

Despite the small size and rather economical price the Shirai Yukina toy looks realistic. Packed in a snack like wrapped it even looks good enough to eat. But take my word for it, this is not something you want to take a bite or even a lick of. The soft plastic it is made from is not delicious in the least bit. Don’t ask me how I know that. Just trust me.

With an open and inviting hole this Omanko Monakara is as easy to enter as it is to lube up. It doesn’t require a ton of lubricant either. A little dab will do you if you want to do this little toy.

Omanko Monaka Shirai Yukina review

Perhaps due to the toy having a generally higher up design everything seems to move north with the Shirai Yukina. What I mean to say is that the love canal goes in and up towards the sky. I have to imagine that this would feel best for guys who have boners that point up towards the ceiling rather than straight out or even down. Similarly, it would probably be right up the alley of anyone who pulls themselves off by pulling up towards their belly button rather than guys with death grips who push their dongs down when they wank.

In my case I found the Omanko Monakara: Shirai Yukina to be decent enough. It is nice and soft and so it produces a comfortable feeling when used with a steady stroke. For more intense feelings it can be used in shorter, more defined work on the head. Used in that way it stimulates the most sensitive areas under the head quite well.

Because the Omanko Monakara: Shirai Yukina is small and short it is also easy to clean. There are no deep holes or crevices to worry about soaping up, rinsing out or drying. At the same time the toy is as good as many of the larger onaholes on the market. It’s definitely a good buy for the price!

The Omanko Monaka: Shirai Yukina is available at Toy Demon.

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