Male Sex Toys from Japan Omanko Monaka: Natsuhara Karen

Published on December 10th, 2017 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Omanko Monaka: Natsuhara Karen

Review of the Omanko Monaka: Natsuhara Karen Rubber Rod

Summary: This toy looks a lot more interesting than it actually is. Feeling is what matters and that's what this toy lacks.



The Omanko Monakara was released by famed male sex toy maker NPG in Japan a few years ago. Made to look a little like popular Japanese foods, the masturbators are actually pared down versions of the same kinds of dual layer toys like the Zhang Xiao Yu Hole that made the company famous.

As the name suggests, the Omanko Monaka: Natsuhara Karen is based on Japanese AV star Natsuhara Karen. You may remember her from such classics as “Bucketloads of Bukkake.”

Anyway the Omanko Monaka: Natsuhara Karen comes packed in a sort of tissue paper that looks really cool. It is easy to tear away to reveal the toy waiting inside too.

The toy itself is incredibly soft. It has a flesh like color and is great to touch. I’ve held a lot of onaholes in my day. The Omanko Monaka is truly impressive in terms of feel.

Despite the relatively low price it sells for, the Omanko Monaka: Natsuhara Karen is actually very high quality. It also has a fairly realistic look. The front has a set of medium size molded lips. The interior canal is made from a slighter firmer and darker pink soft plastic.

Omanko Monaka: Natsuhara Karen

The hole is easy to lube up and enter. The entrance actually has a square shape for some reason but other than that the whole thing looks and feels pretty realistic. When fingered the toy feels about as close to a real vagina as any other on the market past or present.

Unfortunately, the toy is so soft that it doesn’t create a ton of feeling. You can do some decent head work with the Omanko Monaka: Natsuhara Karen if you stick to short strokes but if you really go at it the toy doesn’t feel like much of anything at all.

Because of that, the novelty quickly wears off after you open the toy from its unique packaging and the Omanko Monaka: Natsuhara Karen frankly becomes pretty boring to use.

That’s a real shame since the unit is obviously so well made. It is a quality piece but it just doesn’t give back enough to offer much besides an external look and feel. Since onaholes are ultimately about the insides, that means the toy doesn’t really offer anything at all.

The Omanko Monaka: Natsuhara Karen is available at Toy Demon.

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