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Published on July 20th, 2017 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Dream Hole Saki Kouzai

Review of the Dream Hole Saki Kouzai Rubber Rod

Summary: Although this toy is clearly very well made it fails to produce much in the way of feelings. Ultimately it fails where it really matters.



The Dream Hole Saki Kouzai from King is a sort of hybrid onahole toy that straddles the line between fantasy and reality. Ostensibly designed to simulate sex with Japanese porn star Saki Kouzai, the toy itself looks completely unrealistic.

The Dream Hole Saki Kouzai comes packed in a big rectangular box decorated with images of Saki Kouzai in a sexy nighty. The box opens from the side to reveal a bit of a funny surprise: a picture of Saki herself asking you to cum all over her!

The box also holds the toy which is packed in resealable pouch. In addition, a tube of lube that is a collaboration between G Project and PePee Lotion is also included.

The toy itself is rather large. It is bubble gum pink and shaped like a big bottle with a molded clit and lips that look like they came out of a cartoon. In between the spread lips is a small slot that serves as the entrance.

The Dream Hole Saki Kouzai is definitely high quality. It is made of a firm yet soft rubber that shows all the signs of a good product. The toy is also longer than many, and it is totally capable of accommodating average to large sized guys.

While the lube included with the toy is actually rather nice, it is difficult to get the stuff inside of the toy from the provided pouch. Using a lubricant with a nozzle end like SOD Lotion Emotion Type makes things much easier.

Review of the Dream Hole japanese male sex toy

Once the toy is lubed up, it is very easy to enter. Inside of the opening there is a tight little tunnel that starts out with a series of small rings but later gives way to a large piece lined with nobs and big flat rings. A large reservoir with more bits and pieces is found at the end of the tunnel, which provides stimulation to the very end.

The toy is so long that it is impossible for anyone not hung like superman to hit the end. It is also very durable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do much in terms of creating sensation. That’s true even though it is packed with all kinds of textures. For whatever reason, they simply don’t produce much feeling.

It is also a bit difficult to stay inside of the toy. Perhaps because of its rubbery makeup, the toy has a sort of bouncing effect that tends to push the user out of the love tunnel. It’s a real effort just to stay inside of the thing. Obviously, that’s not very good.

This, combined with the rubbery smell of the toy, are the downfalls of the Dream Hole Saki Kouzai. The toy never seems to have caught on and it is totally understandable why. Like any onahole it does have its fans, but I am not one of them.

The Dream Hole Saki Kouzai is available at Toy Demon.

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