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Published on October 5th, 2017 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Chu! 2

Review of the Chu! 2 Rubber Rod

Summary: While not as bad as its predecessor, the Chu! 2 still fails at delivering any real kind of pleasure to the user, which ultimately is the whole point.


Bad Buy

Last month, I published a review of the Chu! 1. After everything was considered I ended up calling it “perhaps the worst male sex toy ever made”. The Chu! 2 is a little better, though it still leaves a lot to be desired. You may think that much shouldn’t be expected out of a travel sized male masturbator, but the bar has already been set pretty high by the basic yet pleasurable and well made Ona Pit Dot.

The Tenga Egg arguably set the mold for the travel sized self contained masturbation appliance in Japan but it has been surpassed by toys like the aforementioned Dot, the Groomin Colors series and the spectacular Men’s Capsule by the lesser known Men’s Max company.

The Chu! 2 by G Project comes backed in a small blue bag. It is packed along with some kawaii illustrated instructions. The toy itself looks like the previously reviewed Chu! 1 though it is blue rather than pink. Both toys might almost look medicinal to the untrained eye.

The toy is made of a powdery soft plastic. It is round with a large opening. Inside the opening there are some large round rings and a hollow tip that traps air. With such a large hole the toy is very easy to lube though lubricant tends to run back out during use. For the same reason it is also quite easy to enter the toy.

The Chu! 2 is actually supposed to come with lubricant already inside but mine did not. I found that Pepee Original Lotion was a fine replacement though it is always disappointing when you do not get something you were promised in a transaction.

Review of the Chu Wet 2 male masturbator

When in use the rings inside the Chu! 2 can be felt to some degree, though they definitely don’t create any mind blowing sensations. The toy is rather small but it stretches to accommodate the user. The small tip fills up with a combination of air and liquid and the rest of the unit expands. This forms a sort of suction though it is pretty weak.

The Chu! 2 can be used for quite long sessions though that is only because it is so mediocre. Even a premature ejaculator would be able to go for some time with this thing. It is probably better than the hand, but since it requires money and energy to use that shouldn’t even be in question.

Thanks again to its large opening, the Chu! 2 is easy to clean out though I am not sure many people would want to keep it around. Perhaps that is by design as the toy inexpensive and after all designed to be packed away for a lonely night on the road.

The Chu! 2 is available at Toy Demon.

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