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Published on January 20th, 2018 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Nikudon Paipina

Review of the Nikudon Paipina Rubber Rod

Summary: This toy feels great from the entrance to the end. It also proves that you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a great onahole.


Great Buy

The Nikudon Paipina is a really exciting toy produced by Ride Japan. You may remember my review of the JK@18 from the same company published here on Onahole Review two years ago. That toy got a high rating. This toy is even better!

The Nikudon Paipina comes packed in a cool box decorated with an anime image of a sexy gyaru type girl with beautiful round mounds. The box itself it a little smaller than the packages of some other full size onaholes but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I find that a lot of the onahole boxes in Japan are simply oversized and probably an attempt to make people think the toys inside are larger than they actually are. You know, like what companies do with potato chip bags.

The Nikudon Paipina toy itself is actually normally sized. It is bubble gum pink and has a strange star shaped entrance that looks something like a black hole. It seems ready to just suck in all male junk in the immediate area. I bet if you launched it into space it would even draw in some alien wieners (supposing aliens even have wieners).

The outside of the toy is covered with rings and a very grippy texture that helps with holding the thing. The front is a little wider than the rest of the toy which tapers all the way to the back where it ends in a flat sealed end.

Despite the plasticy look of the toy it feels pretty natural. It doesn’t have any kind of smell either. Male sex toys from Japan just keep getting better and better as this toy goes to show. They have really developed some designs and materials that are basically all that any man could ever ask for. No wonder Japanese guys often prefer banging a plastic pussy to going out and finding the real thing!

In the middle of the big sucker star style front rests a small round entrance hole. Despite the rather small size of this hole the toy is actually pretty easy to lubricate if you use one of the purpose built Japanese lubricants with a nozzle on the bottle like Pepee Original Lotion. The toy does come with an elongated packet of Virgin Lotion that is good enough for one use, but that’s a lot more difficult to load into the toy the first go round.

nikudon paipina onahole review

When properly lubed up, the Nikudon Paipina is surprisingly easy to enter. Even more surprising is how absolutely excellent the inside of the toy feels. I have been through hundreds of onaholes in my dad, but this thing is really awesome.

The inside of the Nikudon Paipina is like a maze. It is lined with nobs and it twists and turns throughout the toy until it finally reached the sealed end. The toy is longer than the average male wang so it is good to go for everyone other than those hung like a horse. The toy is so well built that even they would probably be accommodated with some care.

Immediately upon entering the Nikudon Paipina starts a sucking sensation that lasts as long as the user. The immensely pleasurable sensations start up right off the bat too. The inside of the toy feels great from the entrance to the end.

The unique material of the Nikudon Paipina is soft yet intense. It firmly grasps the user without being too tight or overbearing. There is only so much I can express in words. The feeling of the Nikudon Paipina is something that has to be felt to be understood. It is simply incredible.

The only negative about the Nikudon Paipina is that it is a little difficult to dry out after use. Cleaning the thing is actually a breeze especially if you have the proper accessories, but the labyrinth inside means that air cannot get to all the different sections in the hole. Even still, I think the toy is more than worth the very modest price it is sold for. I love it and I bet you will too.

The Nikudon Paipina is available at Toy Demon and Kanojo Toys.

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