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As stated on the about page of this website I tend to try to purchase my onaholes in their land of origin. Namely that means buying them whenever I am in Japan which is usually at least once a year. One reason I do that is that they tend to be cheaper there than anywhere else in the world and that is especially true with the generous US dollar to Japanese Yen exchange rate that currently exists.

Another reason I buy onaholes in Japan is that I can find a wider variety there than I can anywhere else. As soon as they are released they appear on the shelves of Japan’s numerous adult toy stores. I can see the size of the boxes in person and in many cases there are even floor models out for me to check out up close and personal.

Of course purchasing onaholes in Japan is not without its problems. One is simply getting to Japan. I obviously wouldn’t travel there only for the onaholes but since I’m already in the country I enjoy what I can find. Another problem is the weight and size of onaholes. Some are rather large and heavy and are difficult to lug around. Finally there is the problem of importing onaholes by hand. I think they might be illegal in some parts of the world though thankfully I am allowed to have them in the Land of the Free. Even still going through customs could prove to be pretty awkward if they asked to take a look in your bag only to find a dozen rubber pussies.

For all of these reasons it is easier for most people to purchase their onaholes and other male masturbators online. I do this too fairly regularly and as of yet I have not had even a single problem. The following is a list of places I purchase onaholes.

In Japan

M’s Pop-Life – Is a multi-story adult establishment located in the famous Akihabara section of Tokyo. It has one floor filled with onaholes and accessories and another filled with sex dolls and the like. The other floors of the building contain things like Japanese porn DVDs and magazines and toys for women like dildos and vibrators.

Love Merci – Is another huge shop located in the Akihabara section of Tokyo. They have a wide variety of male sex toys spread over two floors (and all sorts of other adult products spread over several more floors) and the prices are usually a little lower than they are at M-Pop. Additionally they offer a point card that offers discounts after a certain amount of money is spent in the store. In my opinion it is worth visiting both adult superstores in Akihabara since M-Pop sometimes offers products that Love Merci doesn’t carry and Love Merci sometimes stocks things that M-Pop lacks.

Local adult toy shops – These places can be found all over Japan and they sometimes have a surprisingly wide variety of toys available considering their small size. Prices are usually comparable with what you find at a place like Love Merci.


Amazon – This is a well known website that does carry some male sex toys though the good ones can often be difficult to find. The Japanese version of Amazon has more onaholes though sorting through them all is a pain and shipping can be expensive since they are coming from Japan.

Toy Demon – This is one of the best stores online specializing in onaholes and other Japanese sex toys. This was the first online shop I discovered years ago and I have been a regular customer ever since. They offer good pictures and descriptions of each product along with valuable customer reviews and even a forum where people can discuss onaholes. I find that the customer reviews are sometimes odd or totally off but it’s good that they allow feedback to be left to begin with. Prices are reasonable, shipping is fast and the site even offers points that can cut down on the cost of future purchases.

Omocha Dreams – This is basically the European counterpart of ToyDemon. They sale most of the same products but they can ship more easily to the European Union.

Cool Male Sex Toy – This California based sex toy superstore is oriented solely to men. They carry lots of ona holes including many of those manufactured in Japan which are conveniently organized by category and company. They have a reward card that benefits repeat customers and they ship their products to over 200 countries around the world. I’m always sure to check the site when I’m in the market for new toys.

J-List – This site has been online for years and was one of the first to offer Japanese products to an international market. While the site is not solely dedicated to the sale of adult products they do offer quite a few in their “adult corner” section including plenty of onaholes. Prices are usually good and they also offer points that can be used to defray the price of future purchases. I should mention that when in some countries like Japan visiting J-List redirects one to J-Box, a more family-friendly version of the site that doesn’t include adult products. In these situations one has to use a VPN or some other method to visit the original site. When shopping at J-List use promo code MOE-VLR-4Q0KFH for a 5% discount!

Kanojo Toys – This is probably the largest shop online carrying adult products from Japan. The variety found on this site is simply amazing and it can easily rival that of an adult superstore like Love Merci or M-Pop. The prices are sometimes a little higher than they are elsewhere but that is no problem because they offer things that cannot be found on any other website around. Sometimes they even carry products that are difficult or impossible to find in person even in Japan!

Deals Machine – This website only came across my radar recently. It sells sex toys and other items including cell phones and accessories. What makes it stand out are the low prices and the wide variety of toys that as far as I know can’t be found elsewhere.

Queen Cat – This is the last shop I check when making purchases online. Once in a while they will have products that I can’t find anywhere else and once in a great while their prices are even better than other shops. I mention this shop along with others like Amazon purely in the interests of helping the reader since this site makes no money from purchases made through this link.

Love Merci Australia – This online shop was set up by a large Australian distributor that worked out a deal with the aforementioned Love Merci in Japan to distribute a lot of their sex toys in the land down under. The site looks good and offers a wide variety of ona holes. Since I’m not Australian I can’t comment on the quality of this site just yet but I’m sure readers will chime in to let me know.

Motsu Toys – This Netherlands-based website has developed a good reputation developed over eight years of selling Japanese sex toys and other products online to people all across Europe. Motsu Toys often gets new products in before anyone else and has mastered quick and reliable shipping throughout Europe.

Manshop – This interesting website sells a lot of unique adult toys I haven’t seen elsewhere. That includes a large number of male masturbators along with a number of items designed for women and couples and even several unisex toys. They also sell some of the classics like the Fleshlight and standbys like cock sleeves. The inventory is very well organized so you can browse efficiently. Prices are fair and shipping is swift.

Otona JP – This is one of the most complete Japanese male sex toy shops on the internet. They have products from every Japanese onahole manufacturer in existence plus a lot of stuff that I have never seen everywhere. They sell all the classics along with cool stuff like virtual reality masturbation kits. They also have a good reward system and plenty of free extras like a knowledge base and an overview of the various Japanese brands.


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