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Published on November 8th, 2017 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Tenga Rolling Head Cup

Review of the Tenga Rolling Head Cup Rubber Rod



Summary: This toy looks amazing from the outside. Unfortunately it doesn't live up to the packaging hype.


Japanese sex toys are becoming more popular around the world with each passing day. They have long been well known in Japan. Tenga is probably the most famous of all the onahole manufacturers. Besides the original Tenga Cup that they are most known for they also produce a long list of other products. One of those is the Tenga Rolling Head Cup.

The Tenga Rolling Head Cup has the same kind of red plastic exterior as most other Tenga toys. One thing that sets it apart is a soft white accordion style section in the middle. I have to admit that it looks really cool. That’s actually why I picked it up. But as we all know, looks can be deceiving.

In this case the packaging suggests that a wild ride is in store when in fact the Tenga Rolling Head Cup is pretty mediocre. It isn’t any better or worse than any regular Tenga cup as far as I can tell. At least it isn’t any more expensive.

The Tenga Rolling Head Cup is opened like any other Tenga cup. All you have to do is peel off the plastic wrapping and take off the cap and it is lubed up and ready to go. Of course you do have to remove the little sticker over the air hole on top of the toy too if you want to build up some suction.

Tenga Rolling Head Cup

The toy is a little larger than most other Tenga cups. The entrance hole is about average. It is easy to get into with no need to add any extra lubricant. The unit should accommodate any averaged sized guy with ease.

With all of the lube, the round entrance hole and the air hole on top the Tenga Rolling Head Cup makes a lot of noise. It sounds like a sloppy suck job from a vacuum mouth. I only wish it felt like one!

Truthfully, the Tenga Rolling Head Cup isn’t a bad toy. It just isn’t up to my expectations. Some guy who has never sunk his rod into a moist male sex toy would probably be amazed, especially at this price. After banging hundreds of these things I might be a little desensitized. At least I can give you an honest review based on experience!

I can’t help but feel like the accordion center is just a marketing ploy since I can’t figure out what it does. At the very most it might add the slightest bit of suction, but I can’t really tell. Since I can’t tell, what’s the point of it anyway? Besides, the shape and design leads to the built up suction constantly disappointing. There are no long pressure seasons to be found here.

The Tenga Rolling Head Cup is available at Toy Demon and Kanojo Toys.

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