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Published on January 18th, 2018 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Tenga Pocket Click Ball

Review of the Tenga Pocket Click Ball Rubber Rod

Summary: A cheap toy that breaks easily and doesn't feel good to use. Even at this price point there are much better options.


Bad Buy

The Tenga Pocket Click Ball burst on the scene a few years ago as a cutting edge modern travel style male sex toy. Like the Pocket Block Edge the Click Ball is meant to be taken on the road with the user. That is no obstacle at all since the whole thing is about the size of a pack of chewing gum.

The Tenga Pocket Click Ball package is small but it is not discreet. That’s because it comes in the famous Tenga red color and even shares a similar design as the famous Tenga holes that have taken the fapping world by storm.

The toy itself is packed inside the foil along with a small packet of lubricant. The Click Ball is basically a small sleeve more or less shaped like the business end of a penis. The outside of the click ball is smooth but the inside has a pattern of small ball like protrusions that decrease in size as you get closer to the terminal end of the toy.

Since the toy has a large opening on one end it is very easy to lube up, even with the type of lubricant package provided that has a tendency to cause more of a mess than anything else. The large entrance hole also makes it easy to get a male unit inside the thing too.

Once inside the toy is easy to use though obviously it requires some stretching and manipulation. At this size and price point you can’t expect much else. At the same time considering that some expense and work is required to use the Click Ball you would expect it to feel better than regular masturbation with a high quality Japanese lube.

Review of Tenga Pocket Click Ball

Unfortunately that is not necessarily the case. While the round ball like structures inside the toy can be felt they don’t really feel all that good. On top of that the toy has a tendency to collapse and roll in on itself making the Click Ball difficult to use.

Finally the first and only Click Ball I ever used broke on my first attempt. Since Tenga generally makes good products I am willing to write this off. Perhaps I got a dud or at least an older toy that had been sitting around for a while. I don’t know. What I do know is that I went in one side and out the other in the first few minutes of using the Click Ball and that rendered the toy inoperable.

There are other small onaholes on the market that are better made. There are also similarly sized toys that feel very good in use. Since they all cost about the same as the Click Ball, I can’t really recommend this toy to anyone, even as a “one and done” throw away.

The Tenga Pocket Click Ball is available at Toy Demon.

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