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Published on February 7th, 2018 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Super Komeiki Long: Mai

Review of the Super Komeiki Long: Mai Rubber Rod

Summary: Frankly speaking this toy seems to be more of a gimmick than anything. It is too long and floppy to actually be put to use.


Bad Buy

Some of you may remember the review of the Super Komeiki Chinatsu that was posted here a few months ago. As the name would suggest, the Super Komeiki Long: Mai is also manufactured by the famous NPG company and even looks a bit similar to that toy.

The obvious difference is that the Super Komeiki Long: Mai is longer than the Super Komeiki Chinatsu. In fact, it is not only longer than that toy. It is probably longer than any other male sex toy sold anywhere in the world today.

The Super Komeiki Long: Mai comes packed in a thing clear plastic box that shows what the toy looks like. Clearly the length of the toy is its most marketable feature. In fact it is really the only feature this toy has going for itself as I will go on to explain.

The toy itself is very, very long. It is also thin and more or less flesh colored. The outside of the toy has a sort of twist to it. The head of the toy is bigger than the rest of the unit. It features an angled front with a set of semi-realistic lips that also appear at an angle.

The entrance hole of the Super Komeiki Long: Mai too is angled, fitting in with the rest of the beginning of the toy. Inside the large hole which is pretty easy to lube rests a fittingly long love canal filled with nobs and twists.

Super Komeiki Long Mai review

The toy is pretty easy to enter but difficult to use. That’s in part due to the length and in part due to the makeup and design of the toy. The thing is that the toy constantly feels like it is squirming away from the user. Onahole veterans will know what I mean. A few other toys behave in the same way. They sort of spring away from you in a way that almost looks like they are trying to escape the situation. It’s like trying to drop a super ball on the ground without making it bounce.

The ultra softness and flexibility of the toy also causes problems. It is so long that it is nearly unmanageable. Trying to grab a hold of the thing and thrust in and out of it while it flops around in the wind like an elephant dick is something akin to an exercise in futility. It’s actually difficult to even use the toy in order to give it a review. I tried twice and that was enough for me.

To sum up, the Super Komeiki Long: Mai is a long, soft and floppy toy that is very difficult to use as intended. No one but the most well endowed would ever be able to reach the back of the toy so the length is nothing more than a gimmick. The thing is so long that it’s tough to clean. On top of that, it doesn’t even produce any sensations when entered. It’s like trying to bang a tube sock.

The Super Komeiki Long: Mai is available at Toy Demon.

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