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Published on November 1st, 2017 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Super Komeiki Chinatsu

Review of the Super Komeiki Chinatsu Rubber Rod

Summary: Considering the price this toy is quite simply amazing. There is no economy onahole better.


Great Buy

The Super Komeiki Chinatsu is a very inexpensive toy made by the NPG company in Japan. You’ll recall that NPG is the same company behind some of the most popular onaholes of all time like the Maria Ozawa Hole. They also make the Zhang Xiao Yu Hole, which is one of the best reviewed toys in the history of this website.

The Super Komeiki Chinatsu is promoted as a kind of economy class Meiki masturbator. That is pretty much true.

The Super Komeiki Chinatsu comes packed in a small clear plastic box that inclludes a little bottle of lubricant. The toy looks like most of the famous NPG masturbators but is a little smaller. The toy is incredibly soft and it has a set of grips molded into the exterior to give users something to hang on to. So far nothing special, right?

What makes the Super Komeiki Chinatsu so amazing is the quality packed into it. You don’t expect much from a product that normally sells for less than ten US dollars.

Don’t get me wrong. The Super Komeiki Chinatsu isn’t as good as a Maria Ozawa hole. It is just close enough to make you wonder if you really have to shell out big bucks to have fun banging an onahole.

The Super Komeiki is small but it has a big open hole surrounded by a nice pair of soft pussy lips. The toy is incredibly easy to lube up because of this. It is also easy for any man of average endowment to enter.

Super Komeiki Chinatsu

The toy is so soft and well designed that it actually feels like it is sucking you into it. It’s almost like a black widow luring prey to the web, but instead of killing you it makes you feel fantastic.

The interior of the Komeiki Chinatsu is lined with raised bumps that lead to a twisting canal with a firm g spot knob inside. At the end there is a round reservoir meant to help with suction and suck up any boy batter that is shot off inside.

The toy is quite realistic to the touch and in use. Because it is smaller it warms up quickly. Once it warms up it feels even more realistic. It is really incredible.

The Super Komeiki Chinatsu is so inexpensive that it isn’t really meant to be kept. It is more like a disposable toy along the lines of the Tenga Cups. That said it is actually easy to clean and well made, so there really is no reason it can’t be kept for at least a few uses. After using it, I found it impossible to throw away!

The Super Komeiki Chinatsu is available from Toy Demon and Kanojo Toys.

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4 Responses to Review of the Super Komeiki Chinatsu

  1. CuriousTetsu says:

    Is there a way to get into more contact with you to talk about onaholes. I have the Zhange Xiao Yu and am looking for a next level onahole one that feels maybe better than my current one. Is there any new really hot and popular toy on the market just released in japan. I could spend 80-$90 on an onahole because I still need warming and cleaning accessories. Which toys feel more realistic, and which ones give the best orgasms and journey to orgasm feelings? Reason I wana chat outside comment is because I don’t know how relevant your top 10 is since it hasn’t been updated.

    • Rubber Rod says:

      Hi. There is a contact form on the about page of this website, but it is easier and more helpful for everyone just to leave comments like you have done. The Top 10 list is always updated. I last updated it just over a month ago. You can see the date of the last update at the bottom of the post. You can get the best idea of my opinions by reading the reviews here. I don’t really have much to say outside of what I have written in those reviews. The Julia+ is one of my favorite onaholes of all time, partly because it feels very realistic and delivers mind blowing orgasms. The Zhang Xiao Yu Hole is right up there too. Let me know what you decide.

  2. CuriousTetsu says:

    I was thinking julia +..but i wana find a good new toy.

    • Rubber Rod says:

      The Julia+ is still better than almost all newer toys in my opinion. The Yen Jyu Yi hole is a newer toy in the same line that is also great.

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