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Published on December 3rd, 2017 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Ona Pit Sucker

Review of the Ona Pit Sucker Rubber Rod

Summary: The Ona Pit series delivers and the Sucker is no exception. This is a great little inexpensive toy.


Great Buy

A few months ago I reviewed the Ona Pit Dot. At the time I called it a good buy. I reviewed the Ona Pit Pleats later. I called that a great buy. The Ona Pit Sucker is another home run by Toys Heart.

The Ona Pit Sucker comes backed in a black plastic pouch. The pouch is covered in a combination of Japanese and English words. The packaging describes the contents in English as a “Men’s Stroker” so even though the casing doesn’t make the contents obvious the description certainly does.

Inside the pouch rests the Ona Pit Sucker. The toy is a sort of translucent black color. Otherwise it looks like a large thumb guard or an undersized condom. It is made from a stretchy soft plastic material. It has a large opening that leads to exterior lined with octopus like suction cups.

Thanks to the large opening, the Ona Pit Sucker is very easy to lubricate and enter. Although the toy itself is not very big, it is more than able to accommodate any guy who isn’t packing a gigantic pepperoni. That’s because the Ona Pit Sucker is highly stretchable and made to withstand a thorough thrashing.

Ona Pit Sucker

Giving the toy that kind of thrashing is one option for using it. That feels great and can prevent over stimulation. Using the toy in a kind of back and forth “lemon juicing” rotating motion is better though it is so intense that I imagine a lot of guys wouldn’t be able to take it for more than a few seconds.

The Ona Pit Sucker can be easily flipped inside out, so theoretically it would be easy to clean. It actually designed to be used once and thrown away however, and the low price the toy is sold for reflects that.

The Ona Pit Sucker is available at Toy Demon.

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