Sexual Lubricant from Japan Zhang Xiao Yu Choo Shuu U lubricant for sex toys

Published on November 19th, 2015 | by Rubber Rod


Review of Zhang Xiao Yu Love Lotion

Review of Zhang Xiao Yu Love Lotion Rubber Rod

Summary: This is without a doubt one of the best lubricants ever sold. It is very hard to beat (no pun intended).


Great Buy

I reviewed the popular Maria Ozawa Hole back in September and the Maria Ozawa Love Potion about a month later. While those are some of the best selling products of the kind I actually prefer the Zhang Xiao Yu products from the same company more. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the erotic performances of Maria Ozawa as much as anyone. Its just that the Zhang Xiao Yu items came along a little later than the Maria products an seem to have benefited from improved technology and user feedback.

Zhang Xiao Yu is a Chinese nude model who the fantastic ZXY Hole was based on. That hole comes packaged with a small bottle of lubricant supposedly formulated to emulate Zhang’s natural juices. This ZXY Love Lotion which is under review today is available for sale on its own in 200 milliliter bottles which means that fans don’t have to try to stretch the little bottle provided with their plastic pussy out for ages. They can stock up on as much of the stuff as they need.

ZXY Love Lotion comes in a clear plastic bottle. The label has a picture of Zhang Xiao Yu that clearly came from the same photoshoot as the pictures decorating the box of the ZXY Hole. The ZXY Lotion bottle comes with a large plastic cap that is easy to screw off. This reveals a large opening that is great for lubing up onaholes with one hand. Unfortunately it also makes it easy to spill the stuff which can create quite a slippery mess but a little care goes a long way. Besides, ZXY lube is so good that no man in his right mind would want to waste it.

Zhang Xiao Yu Love Lotion is clear like most other Japanese sex lubes. It is super thick and stringy. This stringiness can make it a little difficult to manage at first but it is easy to get used to. Familiarity doesn’t breed contempt in this case. Knowing how to use this stuff leads to pure pleasure.

Unlike many other lubes that claim to be mirror copies of natural female fluids ZXY lube is actually similar to the natural wetness women produce, although this stuff comes in a ready to use bottle requiring no foreplay of any kind. Just a few dollars will get it in your hands.

Although it has a very realistic feel, ZXY lube has very little fragrance which in my view is a huge plus. The main fault I find with the Maria Ozawa lube is its scent. In user reviews I’ve read, even those who don’t mind the smell of the Ozawa lube note that they do notice it. There is no such problem with this Zhang Xiao Yu based lotion.

The ZXY lube is also very long lasting. Most lubricants sold around the world dry up after a little use. That’s especially true with onaholes that can’t produce their own lubrication. Zhang Xiao Yu Love Lotion is an exception to the rule. One reviewer online claims a small squirt lasts for an hour of heavy play with an onahole. I would say that I use a little more for a little less time but generally speaking when it comes to ZXY lube, a dab’ll do ya.

One of the better and more long lasting lubes in existence, ZXY lotion goes well with any toy. It is not just for the ZXY hole even if that is what the manufacturer intended. Indeed, this Love Lotion is as good for regular old fashion wanks as it is for use with plastic pussies. When going at it the old fashion way it helps to put a towel down first though. This prevents the possibility of ended up with a splattered and slippery mess on the floor as a result of getting a little too slap happy. That’s quite easy to do with this stuff.

Zhang Xiao Yu Love Lotion is available at Toy Demon, Kanojo Toys and Cool Male Sex Toy.


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