Male Sex Toys from Japan Review of the Tenga Egg Silky

Published on August 17th, 2017 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Tenga Egg Silky

Review of the Tenga Egg Silky Rubber Rod

Summary: This version of the famous Tenga Egg struggles to meet the high standards set by the company that brought us the Tenga cups.


Below Average.

The Tenga Egg series is extensive and popular. The travel sized male sex toys come in a wide variety of versions, each with its own set of fans. In the past, both the Tenga Egg Crater and the Tenga Egg Stepper have been reviewed on this site. There are many others. The Tenga Egg Silky is among the highest rated by users.

The Tenga Egg Silky comes in a small egg shaped container like all other Tenga Egg toys. The toy itself is inside. It is a small toy made of a soft plastic with a yellowish tint. The toy resembles a blown out condom made of thicker material. There is a large opening on one end that leads to a cavernous interior. The interior is fitted with a small and uneven ridge meant to stimulate the user.

As the name would suggest, this toy isn’t meant to over stimulate. It is intended to have a smooth feel. Unfortunately, the designers may have gone a little too far in this direction. The toy is easy to lube up and easy to enter, but it doesn’t create much in the way of sensation at all.

tenga egg silky review

The Tenga Egg Silky may be good for those suffering from death grip syndrome. Anyone able to climax from the very faint and basic sensations created by this toy will have gotten over the need for a tight squeeze to get off. On the other hand, the toy creates such little in the way of feeling that the user is tempted to squeeze the thing just to produce some sort of effect.

This toy is best used for fast short strokes around the head. When utilized in that manner it can be quite pleasurable. Otherwise it doesn’t do much at all. The Tenga Egg Silky definitely lacks versatility.

Since the toy is inexpensive and meant for a single use, one might not expect much. Still, the Tenga Company built its reputation by creating high quality disposable male masturbators. The standard has already been set, and the Tenga Egg Silky struggles to meet it.

The Tenga Egg Silky is available at Toy Demon and J-List.

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