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Published on August 10th, 2017 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Perfect Kanzen Principle Kai Miharu

Review of the Perfect Kanzen Principle Kai Miharu Rubber Rod

Summary: This realistic onahole from A-One really hits the mark. It creates fantastic feelings and is definitely built to withstand a lot of use.


Great Buy

The many toys produced by A-One are a mixed bag. While Superb Fella and Super Fella 4 are simply outstanding, some other toys released by the company like the Risa V.I.P. Hole are average at best. For the most part, A-One puts out good toys but a few false starts in the past are enough to bring any new toys into question.

The Perfect Kanzen Principle Kai Miharu is a realistic onahole based on the Japanese porn star Miharu Kai. A sort of legend in the field who has done more than 300 adult videos, Miharu is known for her sexy curvy body. Fittingly, the Perfect Kanzen Principle Kai Miharu is designed with all kinds of curves too.

The Perfect Kanzen Principle Kai Miharu comes packed in a small box covered with pictures of the toy and Miharu in the buff. The toy is a little smaller than average. It has a larger front and a smaller, tubular body. The front houses a pair of molded pussy lips that look a lot like Miharu’s actual naughty bits with a small round hole in the middle. The hole is a bit high on the toy but otherwise everything looks about right up front. The body of the toy is covered in raised ridges that look like a topographic map or a rock hard cock depending on your perspective.

Both the material and the build of the Perfect Kanzen Principle Kai Miharu are reminiscent of the highly rated Taimanin Ninja Onahole. It comes packed with an unmarked package of lube which is very easy to apply.

The Perfect Kanzen Principle Kai Miharu is also easy to enter. The hole is the right size and the material is very accommodating. The insides of the toy are very well designed and pleasurable to feel. The internal tunnel stars with twisting ridges but gives way to a more open section filled with small raised bumps.

review of the Kai Miharu onahole

The toy has a perfect level of firmness. This combined with the fantastic interior create incredible sensations. If not careful it would be easy to end a session with the Perfect Kanzen Principle Kai Miharu before it really go going. It is good enough to cause premature ejaculation even from veteran onahole users like your intrepid author.

Although the toy is a little shorter than the average onahole it has enough stretch to handle most any regularly endowed user. The toy is also incredibly durable thanks to its quality makeup. The Perfect Kanzen Principle Kai Miharu can be used again and again for quite some time without any worry about the thing falling apart, especially if a little care is given to the unit after use.

Considering the price, the Perfect Kanzen Principle Kai Miharu is a great toy. It can compete with toys that cost a heck of lot more with no problem. In terms of feelings created, it’s one of the best onaholes being sold today.

If there is any downside to the Perfect Kanzen Principle Kai Miharu, it is that it can be a bit tough to clean. Cleaning is possible however and this toy is worth the effort. Using some onahole cleaning accessories removes the difficulties all together, though many onahole users do not seem to own them for some reason.

The Perfect Kanzen Principle Kai Miharu is available at Toy Demon.

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  1. Desmond says:

    Hi! I will be going to Japan next week and wondering if u could recommend any top 3 onholes which is the best realistic feel and suction, possibly latest edition to it? Looking forward for ur reply, cheers!!!

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