Male Sex Toys from Japan Review of Ona Pit Pleats male masturbator

Published on October 19th, 2017 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Ona Pit Pleats

Review of the Ona Pit Pleats Rubber Rod

Summary: Toys Heart delivers again with great gear in a little package. This tiny toy packs a lot of punch and can rival the big boys in terms of the pleasure it creates.


Great Buy

Like the previously reviewed Ona Pit Dot, the Ona Pit Pleats by Toys Heart packs a lot of punch in a small package. The Ona Pit toys are not well known but they probably should be since they are among the most enjoyable toys to use in the world. Inexpensively priced with the budget minded and travel users in mind these toys can actually rival some of the most high end male masturbators in terms of the pleasure they provide.

The Ona Pit Pleats comes packed in a black pouch with purple accents. The toy itself is exactly as pictured on the package. It almost looks like an oversized finger protector but those initiated into the world of onaholes will know better.

A small pouch of Vanessa & Co Lotion is packaged along with the toy. This is easy to apply to the Ona Pit Pleats thanks to its large entrance. The same entrance also makes it easy for the user to enter the toy as long as the hands and the outside of the toy are clear of any residual lube.

Japanese adult manufacturers always seem to come up with the most interesting and entertaining names for their sex toys and porn movies. The Ona Pit Dot does actually contain some pleat-like nodules inside meant to stimulate though a less inventive person would probably describe them as something like “rings”. There are also some knobs deeper inside the Ona Pit Pleats that seem to create the most sensations.

Review of the Ona Pit Pleats male sex toy

Although the toy is soft and rubbery the insides are rather firm. This is a great combination. When in use the toy is absolutely fantastic though it is a little intense. The rookie user or virgin may have a hard time holding out. On the other hand it could be a great toy for a premature ejaculator to build experience and the ability to go the distance.

The Ona Pit Pleats is a simple little toy but it can be used in a variety of ways. The best seem to be go fast and furious or alternatively to use a sort of “lemon squeezing” action which produces sensations that are hard to find elsewhere. This toy is definitely better than the hand and worth the time, effort and minor expense.

Theoretically the Ona Pit Pleats should be easy to clean though it is not really meant for repeated use. Penny pinchers could probably get multiple stroking sessions out of it if they took care when using and cleaning the toy. It does turn inside out with ease though it could definitely rip in the process.

The Ona Pit Pleats is available from Toy Demon.

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