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Published on August 3rd, 2017 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Ona Pit Dot

Review of the Ona Pit Dot Rubber Rod

Summary: As this toy proves, good things can come in small packages. It's not the best but the Ona Pit Dot offers a lot considering its low price.


Good Buy

The Ona Pit Dot falls somewhere in between a masturbation sleeve and a travel sized sex toy. It is compact enough to be put in a bag and taken on a trip, but on the other hand it is well designed enough to be considered as an interesting onahole on its own merits.

There Ona Pit line by Toys Heart is made up of several toys. The Dot stands out with its creative packaging. I am not a huge fan of anime but even I can admit that the illustrated chick on the Ona Pit Dot package is hot.

The Ona Pit Dot is sealed in a metallic pouch with a satchel of Vanessa Lube. The toy itself is like a big soft condom that is filled with odds and ends. It sort of reminds me of the old fake cock extenders they used to sell in the back of porn magazines, claiming that all you needed to do was put the thing on to drive any woman crazy in bed.

In fact, the Dot is much softer. It is made of a quality soft plastic. The inside is lined with a series of uniform round nobs. The entire unit is smaller than the previously reviewed Mach 3G but bigger than some of the other travel size toys on the market.

The Dot is also durable. Some care was giving in making this toy. Despite its low price, it is not necessarily a throw away unit. It can easily be cleaned out and used at least a few times. With proper care it can be used for quite a while.

Because the toy has a large round entrance hole, it is easy both to lube up and to enter. Because the hole it a bit stretchy, it has a tendency to lock onto the user and create instant suction. This is pretty amazing considering that some toys that costs hundreds of dollars try but fail to create a sucking sensation. The Dot does it on the cheap.

review of the ona pit dot travel size pocket pussy

The Dot can also accommodate men of most lengths. The toy is tiny but very stretchy. It can expand to twice its original size or more with a bit of effort, and surprisingly it doesn’t rip open.

Unfortunately, the toy doesn’t create a lot of sensation when it is stretched out. Thankfully it does create very intense feelings when used normal size. Focusing on the tip and doing some short and quick strokes is fantastic. This kind of head work is where the toy really soars.

The Dot can be used for quite some time or utilized in a more focused way to get a load out fast. It is very versatile despite its small size and simple design. With a lot of lubricant the toy can also create a pretty realistic blowjob sensation. All in all, it is a fantastic item for the price.

The Ona Pit Dot is available from Toy Demon.

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