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Published on September 14th, 2017 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Milkysoft Kohaku Uta

Review of the Milkysoft Kohaku Uta Rubber Rod

Summary: A great toy that feels fanastic inside yet is durable and easy to clean and maintain. The Milkysoft seems to be without fault.


Great Buy

One with less of an interest in male sex toys and sexual stimulation than me may wonder why there are so many sex toys released in Japan each year. In the United States most guys simply use their hands with a minority reaching out for the only two homegrown toys that are really known at all: the Fleshlight and the Fifi.

The case of Japan is unique for many reasons that aren’t appropriate to go into here. In lieu of providing a rational for the creation and release of so many onaholes, I offer a justification. The vast number and variety of products means that novel and exciting things are always forthcoming from the land of the rising sun.

The Milkysoft Kohaku Uta by EXE perfectly illustrates why it is reasonable for Japanese sex toy companies to continue to create. The Milkysoft Kohaku Uta is a totally unique take on the onahole that is unlike anything else on the market.

The toy comes packed in a slightly larger than average box with a nice clean design. A picture of Japanese porn legend Kohaku Uta (star of “100 Man Creampie”) and the toy itself appear on the front of the box. Inside the toy is packed inside of two bags to keep it fresh and ready for use.

Review of the milkysoft kohaku uta onahole

It is immediately apparent that the Milkysoft Kohaku Uta is different than other toys. While some other high quality onaholes have two layers, the Milkysoft Kohaku Uta is unique in that the outer layer is translucent. So the inner layer can be seen by simply looking at the toy. While this may not have a major effect on the feelings the toy creates, it is rather cool. As it turns out the toy creates rather good feelings too, even if that has nothing to do with the toy’s appearance.

The Milkysoft Kohaku Uta isn’t all that out of the ordinary in terms of shape and size. It is round and longer than the average man’s penis. It has no real features on its shiny outside. On one end there is a large round entrance hold that leads to the inside of the toy. That inside is lined with just the right amount of features. Various textures are expertly placed along the love tunnel to make the toy incredible to use.

With a large entrance hole, the Milkysoft Kohaku Uta is easy to lubricate and to enter. The hand that holds the toy must be free of lubricant however. If it is not the toy is difficult to use. With no real features or textures on the outside, the toy slides around in a lubricate hand.

When lubed up liberally, the Milkysoft Kohaku Uta creates the same sound as a real deep throat blowjob. It doesn’t create the same sensations however. The Milkysoft Kohaku Uta is much less intense.

Review of the milkysoft kohaku uta masturbator

When in use the Milkysoft Kohaku Uta has a loose and easy feeling that is really refreshing. Rather than a forced tight hole, the Milkysoft Kohaku Uta is light yet stimulating in all the right places. “Milkysoft” is actually the perfect way to describe it. It’s like wrapping your penis with a big fluffy cloud.

Because of its lose yet fulfilling embrace, the Milkysoft Kohaku Uta would probably be good for any guy that suffers from death grip syndrome. It’s also good for simply unwinding and relaxing. It is quite possible to use the toy for quite a while without being forced into orgasm. At the same time, the toy creates enough sensation to bring about an orgasm whenever it is desired. When a slow stroke is applied the Milkysoft Kohaku Uta really comes into its own.

The Milkysoft Kohaku Uta is also very easy to clean. Since it is straight with a large entrance it takes very little effort to wash out the inside of the toy. The large hole and straight tunnel inside ensures that it dries easily too. I can’t find anything fault with the Milkysoft Kohaku Uta. It’s simply a great toy.

The Milkysoft Kohaku Uta is available at Toy Demon.

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