Male Sex Toys from Japan Review of the Layers Yumeno Aiko Japanese male masturbator

Published on April 6th, 2017 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Layers Yumeno Aika

Review of the Layers Yumeno Aika Rubber Rod

Summary: NPG has done it again with this amazing realistic hole based on an amazing Japanese hottie.


Great Buy

The Layers Yumeno Aika was created by NPG, which is the same company behind the famous high quality meiki holes like the ZXY that have taken the wanking world by storm. Although the meikis are the company’s most famous products, they actually sell a lot of different kinds of toys. As past reviews on this site show, a lot of their lesser known toys are pretty good. Of course there are always exceptions, but this isn’t one of them.

As the name indicates, this toy is based on the absolutely bodacious Yumeno Aika. Aika is a Japanese porn star with a body that just won’t quit. You’d have to be dead inside to see her nude picture on the box and not get at least a little excited.

This Layers toy comes in a wide box surrounded by full color pictures of Aiki and her big beautiful boobies. This is a major selling point of the toy. Even people who have never heard of her couldn’t help but take a closer look.

Inside the box, the toy comes packed with a pink foil pouch of lubricant. The toy is a natural dark pink in color. It has a very slight rubbery smell but that goes away quickly. The Layer Yumeno Aika is very high density and also high quality. Just touching the thing shows how nice it is. The design is a little different than most other toys, including the NPG company’s most well known product. It doesn’t have any molded lips on the front. There is just a wide front angled back with a little slit down the middle. It doesn’t look like a read woman at all. It definitely doesn’t resemble Yumeno Aika.

The love canal starts just beyond the slit. The toy has two layers. The inside is bubble gum pink. It has a unique design made up of multiple little chambers that connect to each other, with tight squeezing sections in between. Each chamber has its own textured pattern. This is what gives the toy its “layers” name.

Review of the Layers Yumeno Aiko Japanese male masturbator

The toy is very easy to lube up but a mess can easily be made if care is not taking. The slit front doesn’t really hold anything inside, so tipping the toy upside down can let the lube run out. That’s especially true is a wet and watery lubricant is used.

The toy is really well put together otherwise. It has a solid construction. It’s quiet in use, even with a lot of lube. It can also be used with real vigor and even fury without much worry of poking through the side or blowing the back out of the thing. NPG put real effort into making something that lasts.

The toy warms nicely with the aid of a stick or even with a little use. The material absorbs heat and holds it. The inside of the toy feels great. Although it doesn’t look like the insides of a real vaginal canal at all, the various bumps and chambers combine to create a very realistic feeling. The toy feels the best and most like the real thing when it is rotated around and gone at “doggy style.” The sensations created from that angle are truly wonderful.

This isn’t the easiest toy to clean. Although the lube and anything else runs out pretty easily, the various chambers inside can trap liquid remnants. You have to do a little work to get inside and clean it out. It’s worth it though since this toy lasts a long time and has a high level of replay value, especially when synced with the large library of Yumeno Aika porno available online.

The Layers Yumeno Aika is available at Toy Demon, Kanojo Toys and Cool Male Sex Toy.

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2 Responses to Review of the Layers Yumeno Aika

  1. Local Fapper says:

    I own the ZXY makes me not want to go back to flesh lights, would this be a step up or step down, im looking for a hip or another really good toy that feels better than the zxy.

    • Rubber Rod says:

      As the reviews would indicate, I think the ZXY is a little better than this toy. That said, they provide different sensations and both are worth owning in my opinion. The only toy I have rated higher than the ZXY so far is the Superb Fella. I haven’t reviewed the Meiki Cherry 2 here yet, but I hold it in high esteem. That’s why it’s on my list of Top Ten Onaholes.

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