Male Sex Toys from Japan Review of the Julia Kiwami Zoukei onahole

Published on August 25th, 2016 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Kiwami Zoukei Julia

Review of the Kiwami Zoukei Julia Rubber Rod

Summary: This tight toy is without a doubt one of the best ever created. It is totally unique and capable of creating mind-blowing sensations.


Great Buy

The Kiwami Zoukei Julia by Enjoy Toys is one of many toys modeled after the famous Japanese porn star Julia. One look at Julia makes it easy to see why she has so many fans. It also explains why there have been so many attempts to emulate her awesome body with male sex toys and to capitalize on her well-deserved notoriety.

The Kiwami Zoukei Julia comes packed in a box of normal size that is decorated with full color photographs of Julia looking as sexy as she always does. Inside the box there is a collector’s card with Julia’s picture along with a cardboard cut out of Julia and her nice big boobs. A tube of Enjoy Lube is also included though getting any real use out of the toy requires a full sized tube of lubricant.

The toy itself comes packed in a thick plastic bag. It is of normal size though like Julia herself it has a very distinct shape. The Kiwami Zoukei Julia is shaped like Julia’s bodacious body though obviously it is not totally to scale. It has a set of tits that actually bounce and move and a molded vagina with outer labia that look a lot like the real thing. A lot of attention was paid to detail. The toy even has a belly button and shoulder blades along with a succulent set of nipples.

The Kiwami Zoukei Julia is very visually stimulating. It is much more fun to look at than the bland shaped onaholes that have a pussy hole and not much else. Additionally the external features serve as very effective grips. Everything from the bigger hooters to the shoulder blades and round ass cheeks help the user to hold on when the toy is in use. That’s engineering!

The toy is one of the firmest available. It almost resembles a pencil erased in density even though the actual material it is made of is very comfortable. Apparently this is the cause for a handful of negative reviews that have popped up online. I actually think that the density is a sign of high quality. As I will explain it also helps create one of the best sensations of any onahole ever sold.

Review of Kiwami Zoukei Julia japanese masturbator

A small indented autograph from Julia appears on the outside of the toy. As should be obvious she doesn’t sign the toys herself. They manufacturer them that way. Still the fact that she puts her seal of approval on the toy means something. In the US especially porn stars often put there names on whatever can get them a few bucks. Some of the porn star endorsed toys I’ve seen in America were absolutely horrible. That is definitely not the case with the Kiwami Zoukei Julia. I don’t think the lovely lady has anything to be ashamed of here.

Between the outer labial lips there is a very small round hole that serves as the entry point. This hole is one of the smallest I’ve ever seen and truth be told it can make the toy difficult to enter. A lot of lube makes things go a lot smoother. It also helps if the lips are well lubed and the unit is fully hard. A little work is necessary but the reward makes it totally worth the effort required.

Thanks to the double walls the toy creates a tight yet soft and pleasing sensation that is impossible to match elsewhere. A twisted tube ends to a soft cushioned end that is totally accommodating to the average-sized man. The springy outside helps create a snapping pussy effect that simply feels wonderful. The first time I ever used this toy I had to stop just a few seconds into the session so I wouldn’t unload. That is very unusual for me. I have used so many toys that I can even become desensitized at times. That’s not the case with the Kiwami Zoukei Julia at all. It gets me going every time.

Review of Kiwami Zoukei Julia japanese onahole

At this point it is possible for me to have an extended session with the Kiwami Zoukei Julia though it requires some effort. Most times I use the toy for standard sessions that last around ten minutes that leave me totally satisfied. And I do use it. It is one of the go to toys out of my very large collection. In fact, over the last few months it has probably become the toy that I use the most. When a guy who has fucked hundreds of onaholes tell you this it means something.

The tight grip the toy has allows the user to feel every nook, cranny and turn inside of the toy. With most toys that is simply impossible. They usually feel good but you cannot tell what is what. This toy is like playing with a plastic pussy in HD. You experience it all.

A lot of toys create different feelings when you rotate them. The Kiwami Zoukei Julia was purposely designed to create three. They all feel good. Doggy style probably feels best but going at the toy in the missionary position creates the most sensation. I can even imagine that it would be too much for some guys to handle if they don’t have much experience with male masturbators. For real fans of onaholes on the other hand, this is a must own toy.

The Kiwami Zoukei Julia is totally different from the other onaholes being sold today. That is a good thing. It was designed well and it scratches an itch that most other toys simply can’t reach. I think that it would be an especially great toy for guys who suffer from the death grip syndrome. If you can’t feel anything when you use this toy you better make an appointment with a neurosurgeon to find out if you’re nerves are still attached to your brain.

Review of Kiwami Zoukei Julia japanese male sex toy

While I have talked this toy up quite a bit I have still not really put into words how good it feels. The closest I can come to doing so is to tell you that the first time I entered this toy I felt pleasure throughout my entire body. I hadn’t had a similar experience since I first used an onahole a whopping ten years ago.

The Kiwami Zoukei Julia isn’t perfect. It is just very close to it. I have only found a few problems. One is that the entrance hole is so tiny. This can make it a little hard to get inside of the toy especially if patience is an issue. A steady hand and thrust is required. Once inside it is possible to tear the small entrance hole. Cleaning can also be an issue. The toy is so firm and the entrance hole is so small that it can be difficult to wash the thing out. The best method seems to be to force water in and out using a combination of water pressure and manipulation of the exterior of the toy. Onahole-specific cleaners are the best way of all.

Cleaning is probably the most common way to rip the entry hole. The good news is that the toy feels just as good with a small tear in the entry as it does fresh out of the box. The toy also lasts. It is incredibly durable and doesn’t seem to break down at all even with vigorous use. That probably has a lot to do with the material it is made from.

All considered this is one of the best toys I have ever used which is why it is listed as one of the Top 10 Onaholes. The much softer Julia+ is also listed there. That toys makes a great compliment to the Kiwami Zoukei Julia. Going back and forth between the two might be the closest a guy alone in his room can get to heaven.

The Kiwami Zoukei Julia is available at Toy Demon and Kanojo Toys.

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4 Responses to Review of the Kiwami Zoukei Julia

  1. Jordan says:

    Would you rather pick this one for a first Ona-Hole or Himekano Secret Lover. I read both reviews and are tied on which one to get. I can only afford one right now and am very interested in experiencing my first ona-hole. Which would you recommend more. I also have death grip syndrome.

    • Rubber Rod says:

      Hi. For a first timer I would definitely get the Himekano. It is not quite as firm and might help you with your problem. Later if you ever get burned out on the Himekano you can always get to this. I would work my way up to this toy rather than starting with it. Good luck. Let me know what you pick.

  2. Marc says:

    Hi there,

    Just wanting to ask whether you are aware of any other JAV/Hentai onaholes which offer the same feel as the Kiwami Zoukei Julia?


    • Rubber Rod says:

      Hi. There aren’t many ona holes that feel like this. It’s got a firm and tight snapping pussy that I have never seen in any other toy.

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