Male Sex Toys from Japan Review of the Chu! 1 male sex toy

Published on September 7th, 2017 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the Chu! 1

Review of the Chu! 1 Rubber Rod

Summary: Despite its unique design this toy fails at what matters most: creating good feelings. It is one of the worst toys on the market today.


Bad Buy

The Chu! 1 from G-Project is another travel sized male masturbator from Japan. Although this toy is around the same size as toys like the Tenga Egg, it is packaged and presented as more of a regular onahole. Indeed many users keep this and other Chu toys around long after the first use. So while it has a small enough size to be packed away in a bag, the price and promotion show that is actually intended to be more of a standard male masturbator. It simply has a unique design and shape.

The Chu! 1 comes in a lunch bag shaped package. On the front there is an manga type drawing of a girl in a uniform. Inside the box, the toy and a small container of lube is found. The amount of lube provided is frankly pathetic and not enough for a hand wank let alone a serious session with a soft rubber toy. On top of that, the lubricant is much too think for the intended use. It simply isn’t good stuff, and there wouldn’t be enough even if it was!

The toy itself is pink and has an odd shape. It looks something like a teletubbies head, or perhaps a round breast with an over sized nipple protruding from one end. The toy is made of a firm rubber that is harder than most other toys I have seen, including the very firm but amazing Kiwami Zoukei Julia.

Like the Tenga eggs, the Chu! 1 has a large hole on one end. Unlike the Tenga eggs, the Chu! 1 isn’t all that stretchy or malleable. It just is what it is, and not much can be done to change it or get anything more out of it. Inside, the toy has some bumps but they are ineffectual. When in use the bumps cannot be felt.

Review of the Chu 1 male masturbator

The Chu! 1 is easy to lube up and enter, but it doesn’t provide much incentive to do either. The design of the toy, its material and even the entrance hole combine to make a toy that isn’t all that fun to play with. It creates little sensation in use besides from an overabundance of friction that can be too much to deal with.

The toy is easy to clean out. It is probably quite durable too, but I can’t be sure as I wouldn’t waste the time to give it a second go. It’s probably the worst male sex toy I’ve seen since the horrifying Silver Short Pee Hole Plug for Beginners appeared at Kanojo Toys.

The Chu! 1 is available at Toy Demon.

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