Sexual Lubricant from Japan Review of Soft on Demand SOD Lotion Emotion

Published on September 24th, 2015 | by Rubber Rod


Review of SOD Lotion Emotion Type

Review of SOD Lotion Emotion Type Rubber Rod

Summary: One of the best adult entertainment companies has produced one of the best lubricants in history.


Great Buy

Now that I’ve broken the ice so to speak by posting a review of the popular Pepee Original Lotion I can continue to mix in reviews of Japanese lubes with posts on onaholes and other male sex toys. As I’ve written in the past lubrication is a vital part of any play with a male sex toy and a lot most female sex toys too. Without it pleasurable play can be transformed into insufferable torture. Why would anyone even risk that when it’s so easy to pick up a bottle of the wet stuff?

Soft on Demand is a huge company in Japan that produces everything from an amazing amount of pornography to the now world famous Tenga brand of sex toys.

While the Tenga toys come pre-lubed for the most part most other onaholes don’t. At best they come with a small container of lube that will only last for one session or a little more. So what’s a wanker to do? SOD has thought of you too which is why they produce several varieties of lubrication!

Because SOD is such a large company they can put a lot of effort into what they do. I guess they could go the opposite route, replying on their size to rest on their laurels and provide cheap products ala Wal Mart but like a lot of Japanese companies they don’t. Instead they put a lot of research and safety studies into their lubes including allergy and irritation tests on the most delicate areas of human skin.

The “Emotion Type” of SOD Lotion comes in a red bottle. It is described by the company as “super sticky” but I’d say that’s only somewhat accurate. I would describe it as being incredibly smooth although that doesn’t fully explain it either. It is something like the previously covered Pepee Original Lotion but not as stringy.

Like most lubes, or “lotions” as they are commonly labeled in Japan, it is clear like water but thicker. That’s not to say it’s like a cheap bottle of KY Jelly though. It has a very high quality makeup that you can easily feel. It’s as smooth as silk and more slippery than a banana peel on a frozen lake. What’s more the stuff lasts a long time whether it’s being used for a nuru nuru body massage or as fuel for a late night fapping session. A nice sized dab of this stuff inside of an onahole not only feels great it also lets you go the extra mile without stopping off again to add more liquid.

It also works very well for intimate activities between lovers since it transmits heat and lowers friction at the same time. Well I guess any lube does those things by definition but this is one sexual lubrication that does it to the point that you can easily sense what’s going on. I love it! It’s one of my favorite lubes of all time and I’ve tried a lot of them.

SOD Lotion Emotion Type is available at Kanojo Toys and Amazon.

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