Male Sex Toys from Japan G Mode Hole LX 1 onahole

Published on February 1st, 2018 | by Rubber Rod


Review of the G-Mode Hole LX-1

Review of the G-Mode Hole LX-1 Rubber Rod

Summary: This toy isn't necessarily amazing but it does the trick. It's also a perfect match for any number of sex dolls on the market.


Good Buy

The G-Mode Hole LX-1 by the DNA company is an interesting male sex toy from Japan. With such a wide assortment of onaholes already available from the land of the rising sun, companies really have to try hard to set themselves apart. At the end of the day they are limited by the constraints of reality and that is especially true when most onaholes sell for the equivalent of between twenty and fifty US dollars.

The Hole LX-1 comes packed in a normal sized onahole box. The box has a matte finish and is decorated with a computer generated image of a woman who would be pretty sex is she was made of flesh and blood rather than zeros and ones.

The toy itself looks suspiciously like the mushroom shaped sex toy that washed up in China years ago causing great amusement on the internet.

The G-Mode Hole LX-1 is flesh colored and maybe a little shorter than the average male’s unit. It comes packed with a large satchel of lubricant decorated in a way that resembles something out of the old Brady Bunch television show.

The G-Mode has a large slit in the front that serves as the entrance to the toy’s inner canal. Thanks to the large hole, the toy is both easy to lubricate and to enter. Inside the toy contains a few large rings followed by smaller and smoother protuberance that do wonders on the head and other sensitive areas.

The inside of the toy is quite accommodating despite the slightly short length. Anyone of average size would have no problem with this thing, and even the larger guys out there would probably find it quite pleasurable to use since it is sturdy and able to take a real pounding.

G Mode Hole LX 1 onahole review

In fact, the best sensations of all from this toy are produced with a sustained deep stroke that pushes the head of the male sex organ into the very back of the G-Mode hole. Pushing against the wall at the end of the toy’s love canal feels a lot like going deep in a real vagina or even down a woman’s throat.

The realism of the G-Mode is especially fitting since the toy itself fits nicely into most sex dolls. It’s got the right shape and feeling to team up perfectly with any artificial lover containing a space for an onahole insert.

The LX-1 is pretty easy to clean and it snaps right back into shape for repeated use. It is one of the more durable onaholes I have ever seen. Even after repeated use it continues to look like it just came out of the box. That is something you don’t see too often.

If there is any downside to the G-Mode Hole LX-1 it is that the reservoir at the end of the toy’s love canal is a bit difficult to reach for cleaning due to the constricted canal. That’s not too much of an obstacle however. A nice blast of water from a faucet or, better still, some squirts from the proper onahole cleaning accessories can get the thing right as rain.

The G-Mode Hole LX-1 is available at Toy Demon.

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