Male Sex Toys from USA Manshop review

Published on September 28th, 2017 | by Rubber Rod


Manshop is an interesting online male sex toy store

Since Onahole Reviews went live years ago the interest in onaholes from people outside of Japan has continued to grow. This doesn’t surprise me in the least. I knew that people would love the male masturbators and sex toys coming out of Asia if they were aware of them. That’s part of the reason I launched Onahole Reviews to begin with!

Now that more people know about onaholes more people want to buy them. That only makes sense. This will undoubtedly continue as the world becomes smaller, people continue to travel, the internet continues to grow and languages become more easily translatable. There is also a rise in coverage and interest of sex dolls which can only bring more attention to much less expensive male masturbators.

With the increased interest in onaholes has come an expected increase in shops selling them. This website already contains a list of places to buy onaholes. The list is not complete by any means. There are thousands of sex toy shops around the world and more seem to open every day. What the list does is narrow down the many sex toy shops to a select few that are trustworthy and well run.

Manshop is one online sex toy shop that I just became aware of recently. At first I thought it might be just another online novelty shop but it turns out that it is actually pretty unique. Manshop has the usual assortment of sex toys that you might expect but it very well organized. It also sells a number of toys that are difficult to impossible to find elsewhere.

Mimic tongue sex toy

One example is the G Vibe II Anatomical Unisex Massager which as the name suggests is designed for use by men and women alike. You don’t see that every day. Another unique toy I found on the site is the Mimic which looks and apparently feels a lot like a human tongue.

I haven’t had a chance to try any of these toys out yet but I hope to get my hands on some soon. There are several toys for sale at Manshop that are just begging to be reviewed here. Alas there are only so many hours in the day for onaism!

The inventory is not the only attractive thing I see about Manshop. Another is the way the inventory is listed. It sort of reminds me of the old mail order catalogs I used to get sent to my house with all kinds of cool adult products that always prompted me to break out my wallet and spend money.

When you land on the Manshop homepage you see some of the top products organized into interesting and useful categories like lube, cock rings and penis extensions. These aren’t categories I would browse normally but when they’re presented on the front page with pictures of the top products I can’t help but dig further.

I think the love of onaholes around the world will continue to grow. How could it be otherwise? I also see a bright future in store for Manshop. Let’s see if my crystal ball works in the years to come.

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